My name is Neil and I am 34 year old photographer from Swindon England. I have gone by the online name Nuzik for the last 18 years and I have brought this with me into the world of Photography.

I am married to a wonderful woman and have a daughter and a son. I am truly blessed on this front.

I began taking photos as a hobby which soon progressed into something of an obsession for me. I started off with a small Nikon Bridge Camera and I really caught the bug. I believe that photography is an art and that everyone has their own style. You choose the photographer based on your own preferences, and how you feel the connection is with them. I enjoy lots of different aspects of photography although I prefer portraits which can be as a documented event or some nice professional or fun portraits.

Why book me? I have an eye for detail and like to have fun with what I am doing. I enjoy taking photographs and always feel there is a need for a vibrant photograph for to document almost all occasions with a picture.

I currently have a passion for black and white photographs as they have a sense of romance about them, as well as a passion for street photography. Head on over to my galleries for more images,or my shop if you want to buy any of my street art.

I offer bespoke packages for every occasion, with a hosted gallery so you or your guests can buy as many photos at you want at great prices. I am not here to make vast amounts of money on the prints.

Feel free to browse my site.

Self Portrait of me

Self Portrait of me